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Welcome to the
'Thermal Drone Fundraiser'

We are all facing our own crisis points recently with all the horrendous price increases at the fuel pumps and the huge energy bill increase due to hit us in the next month or so.
So where does this leave us in terms of spending our spare change? If you are lucky enough to have any.
Here at Drone Search Service, we are also feeling the pinch, as a voluntary organisation we totally rely on any spare change we personally have and the occasional donation made by pet owners that we are helping.
 We are very close to reaching a crisis point where decisions will have to be made, we may have to look at our current search radius and bring that down by 25% which is something none of us want to do.
Of course, like everything nowadays, it all comes down to money! and that is getting tighter.

To keep our services running we are appealing for any help, financial or other, you can give us.
There are two fundraisers we are launching, one to be able to purchase the Thermal Drone outright, as it is currently on permanent loan and we really need to get this paid off asap.

The other fundraiser is for the everyday consumables, a list is on the fundraiser page.

Any and all donations to either fundraiser will be greatly appreciated, and you will be keeping this service running for all future missing pets.
Thank You
Cliff & Team
Drone Search Service